Turkish Foreign Policy In A Multipolar World Setting

Turkey’s multi-dimensional, indeed, all azimuth foreign policy exercises of late have given rise to endless speculations and contradictions across the world and in particular in the West. It epitomizes the Turkish President’s meetings with his Russian, Ukrainian and Iranian counterparts as well as his meetings with his Western partners, including Biden. Indeed, since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict Ankara has been pursuing a noticeably restraint, well-balanced equidistance policy towards the protagonists without taking part in the western sanctions but at the same time keeping up its relations with its western partners closely. Having rid itself of almost all its Middle-Eastern entanglements, which have cost the country an arm and a leg over the last decade or so, Turkey now stands to benefit from the opportunities accruing from a multipolar world order, something it has become an unstoppable reality, however much the US and the Collective West are still trying to prevent it, but to no avail.